Philip Dalimonte

Philip Dalimonte is a highly accomplished professional who joined Elite Insurance Partners in 2019 and currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). With a wealth of experience in business operations and a passion for driving growth, Philip plays a pivotal role in steering the organization towards success.

As the COO, one of Philip’s primary focus is meeting the company’s growth objectives. By strategically overseeing the growth of the company, Philip can ensure the organization has a strong and capable workforce. He also places great emphasis on preserving and enhancing the unique company culture that sets Elite Insurance Partners apart.

Working closely with executive leaders, management, and staff, Philip collaborates to establish priorities and set goals that align with the company’s vision. He is constantly working to improve communication channels, enhance employee retention, and ultimately drive profitability for the company.

Philip’s passion for helping others achieve their personal and professional goals is evident in his work and through the results he provides each day.

Before embarking on his professional career, Philip graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Empire State College in New York and served as a Marine Corps Infantry Fire Team Leader, where he was deployed to Iraq in 2005 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Professionally, Philip’s career spans two decades with roles ranging from sales agent and sales leadership to operational and executive management, as well as entrepreneurship and business development.

Both in and outside of work, Philip strives to be a man of integrity, trustworthiness, and focus. With a vision for the future, he aspires to accomplish his professional goals and retire at the age of 50 in order to focus his time on raising his daughter and pursuing his lifelong ambition to write a novel.

During his leisure time, Philip enjoys spending quality time with his wife Chrissy, their daughter Sloane, and their dog Paige. He also enjoys writing, playing the guitar, staying active and maintaining a balanced lifestyle that includes his priorities of Faith, Family, Work and Friends.

Chief Operating Officer

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