Nadav Segal

Nadav Segal works as a video producer at Elite Insurance Partners. A self-taught creative, Nadav found his passion for photo and video when he was gifted his first camera seven years ago. From then, Nadav has always felt at home behind the lens. He loves to capture moments, edit them together, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Professionally, Nadav strives to produce the best content possible for the company and establish himself as a leader. Motivated by his wife and two children, Nadav is dedicated to providing the best for his family and allowing them the opportunities necessary for success.

Outside of work, Nadav can be found continuing his video and photography career as a side gig, staying active outdoors, and spending time with his friends and family.

Video Producer
Hometown:Palm Harbor, FL
Favorite Food:BBQ Chicken
Hobbies:Videography, Golf
Motivation:My wife and 2 kids

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