Grecia Pedroza-Moctezuma

Grecia Pedroza is a Sales Supervisor at Elite Insurance Partners. With over a decade of experience in customer relations, sales, mentorship, and development, Grecia brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the team.

Professionally, Grecia excels in leadership, mentorship, and the development of her team. She enjoys helping others grow and watching the fruits of their efforts allow them to succeed.

In her spare time, Grecia enjoys spending this with her family, spending time outdoors, and trying new restaurants.

Recruiting & Onboarding Specialist
Hometown:Chicago, IL
Favorite Food:Mexican Cuisine
Hobbies:Traveling, visiting parents in Chicago, visiting new places, going to the beach, sunset watching, hiking, indoor cycling, jet skiing, trying new restaurants/foods, concerts, plant shopping, baseball games.
Motivation:Personal growth/success. Parents and 2 siblings. Husband. Financial stability to provide as the oldest daughter. Freedom. Booking the next flight!

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