Antonio Davis

Antonio Davis is a Business Analyst at Elite Insurance Partners. He holds over a decade of experience as an IT Business Analyst for the insurance industry and is certified in Cybersecurity and System Administration.

With a strong passion for God and his family, Antonio is motivated by the success of the business and seeing his ideas come into fruition. Professionally, his goals include obtaining a Vice President position within the company and he intends to make that goal a reality.

Outside of work, Antonio is happiest at home. He enjoys spending time at home with his family. However, you can occasionally find him spinning the turn tables as a DJ or boxing at his local ring.

Business Analyst
Hometown:Queens NYC, NY
Favorite Food:Anything from PF Chang
Hobbies:Basketball, Boxing, DJing.
Motivation:To be the best provider and protector for my family (Wife, 1 son, 4 daughters).

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