Sherry Littlejohn

Sherry Littlejohn is passionate about family, faith, and helping others. Originally from Rhode Island, Sherry now resides in Oldsmar, Florida.

At Elite Insurance Partners, Sherry works in Customer Care. She switched to the insurance industry after 17 years as a mental health case manager and receiving a community support certification. Sherry hopes to succeed at EIP and stay with the company until retirement.

In addition to her professional goals, Sherry hopes to purchase a house, travel, and fund her daughter through college to be a neurosurgeon. She has a talent for poetry, as well as the culinary arts.

Sherry admires her mother, who juggled a career as a nurse and raised four daughters on her own, giving them all a well-balanced life with lots of love. She also credits her mother for her positive attitude and ability always to see the good in people.

Sherry Littlejohn Employee Picture
Retention Specialist