Linda Zanazzi

Linda Zanazzi is epitomized by creative thinking, brilliant intuition, and insight. She is underpinned by sound insurance principles and well-validated techniques that produce amazing results. Born in Waterbury, CT, she discovered her true purpose of being an astute health consultant, and since she joined Elite Insurance Partners, she found it rewarding to help senior citizens get healthcare coverage. Her commitment to redefining insurance clarity is unwavering.

Linda sees EIP as a platform for her to blend both her education and extensive administrative experience to develop the right relationship and health insurance Start-Up strategy for each of her clients. Her primary objective is to provide cutting-edge customer service.

She is recognized for her work ethics, brilliant intuition, and enthusiastic response to the needs of her clients, helping them achieve complete healthcare satisfaction. Linda enjoys working with Elite Insurance Partners and nurtures relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures alongside excellent communication skills, establishing a good rapport with her clients.

Being able to effectively manage the place of her career, not allowing it to interfere with her family life, she loves spending time with family. Currently residing in Clearwater, Florida, Linda’s desire to see seniors achieve the best health coverage is the driving force behind everything she does.

Linda Zanazzi Employee Picture
Front Desk Receptionist