Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran currently holds the position of Underwriting Specialist at Elite Insurance Partners. He has a keen ability to break down complex concepts for others to understand, which he uses to help clients find the right plan(s) and have confidence in their choice.

Kevin worked in corporate management from the late ’70s through the early ’90s. He began his career in sales with his wife in 1993, traveling the country to sell sunglasses from a tent in various cities. The couple found success, as they were consistently in the top 10% of dealers in the sunglasses sales network.

During his time selling sunglasses, Kevin discovered his passion for helping people. He enjoyed explaining to customers the importance of UV protection for their eyes and assisting in selecting styles that were both protective and fun to wear.

In 2014, he was named top salesperson at his following position as a sales inspector at a lawn care and pest control company. After some health challenges faced by both Kevin and his wife, he discovered the insurance industry as a promising place to use his skills without the need to travel.

Outside of work, Kevin’s hobbies include reading, playing his ukulele, and singing karaoke at home with his wife.

Kevin Moran Employee Picture
Underwriting Specialist