Juan Escoda

Juan Escoda is the sales director at Elite Insurance Partners. Juan has dedicated his life to a 25+ years career in the sales industry that has proven successful from the beginning. Professionally, Juan has experience managing over 1000 employees, has run several top call centers in their industries, and has won various sales awards throughout his career.

Juan is motivated by setting goals and exceeding them. He has a lion mentality and is always up for the next challenge. Juan enjoys hard work and understands what it takes to excel on the sales floor.

For Juan, his passion for hard work and success comes from his family, his faith, and his work. His passion for teamwork, culture, and morale is a driving factor in his managerial style.

When he isn’t at work, Juan is spending quality time with his family. Whether it be cooking, fishing, or playing cards, Juan is always ready for the next adventure.

Juan Escoda Employee Picture
Director of Sales