Jennifer Santiago

Jennifer Santiago joins Elite Insurance Partners as a Sales Manager. Before EIP, Jennifer has nearly 22 years of experience in the sales industry. She has held various positions, from Sales Associate, Sales Coordinator, Sales Supervisor, Sales Manager, Trainer, and Development.

Jennifer is passionate about mentoring and the outcomes of her mentorships. She enjoys working with sales agents to help them hone in on their skills and become successful at their craft. Motivated by setting goals and exceeding them, Jennifer hopes her dedication and positive results will allow her to grow with EIP into higher leadership positions in the future.

Some of her greatest professional achievements include multiple League of Leaders awards, Verizon Presidents Club Award Winner, Verizon Diamond Club Award Winner, and multiple regional sales awards.

When she isn’t in the office, Jennifer enjoys going to the beach, spa days with her daughters, pottery, and even considers herself an avid foodie.

Jennifer Santiago Employee Picture
Sales Manager