Amy Mosby

Amy Mosby is a Customer Care Specialist at Elite Insurance Partners. Amy holds a degree in English and Sociology from the University of Central Arkansas. With over 30 years of hospitality experience, Amy is excited to step into the world of Medicare and working with a product she truly believes in.

Professionally, Amy’s passion for helping others drives her to be a successful sales agent. She hopes to not only help her clients with their Medicare needs, but also create a positive impact in their lives.

Amy’s ambitions in life are nothing shy of success. She hopes to create a successful financial future for herself, her husband, four sons, and their dog.

In her leisure time, Amy enjoys reading. Often, more than one book at a time. She is also very passionate about studying new culinary cultures and exploring the tastes of the world. Sharing the same passion, Amy’s personal chef (her husband) helps her recreate these worldwide dishes.

Amy Mosby Employee Picture
Customer Care Specialist