There’s no denying that having a foosball table, dartboard, Pac man, and shuffleboard in the office increases happiness. A break at your desk may be nice; however, taking your mind off a hectic day can help reset your thoughts.

Also, playing a game with a co-worker during a break may help boost the overall morale. Happy employees create a positive, creative, and thriving work environment.

Many Americans work over 40hrs, forgetting to stop to take a break. While this may seem like a hard-working mentality, studies show that it’s very unhealthy and ineffective.

Fun Break Rooms Increase Productivity, Boost Morale, and Give Employees a Happy Workplace

Overall employee attitude of a company should be a positive and happy one. Although, that’s not always the case. A negative attitude in the workplace may substantially impact others – and not in a good way.

On the other hand, a more positive mindset may change the energy in a room. This is true in workplace settings; co-workers are often easily influenced – so, set a good example.

Success doesn’t come from hiding behind the cubical walls and being anti-social. Also, employees that overwork themselves have a higher risk for chronic stress.

The terms stress and burnout are different even though they may feel similar. Burnouts are typically one of 3 states of exhaustion.

Physical, mental or emotional exhaustion; add that with doubts about the capability and quality of a person’s work.

Employers Should Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

Taking breaks throughout the day is vital for employees to de-stress and re-charge to finish out their workday. Yes, that means working through your lunch hour is doing you more harm than good.

In fact, recent studies by Tork show the importance of lunch breaks.

Most Northern American workplaces skip lunch breaks or have lunch at the desk. About 20% of Americans don’t take their normal lunch breaks because they want to appear hardworking to their bosses.

13% skip regular lunch because they worry about their co-workers judging them.

Non-stop working without proper breaks can decrease the productivity level, employee morale, mental health and overall production in the workplace. Unfortunately, 38% of employees don’t feel their employers encourage them to take a break.

While 22% of bosses in America believe the employees that take regular breaks aren’t as hardworking. This isn’t true at all.

Most employees claim that lunch leaves them feeling recharged and ready to work. Health benefits are plenty for taking breaks, oddly enough the laziness and lack of motion causes a higher risk for health problems.

Increase Productivity

The next trend in office spaces, may be long overdue. Some employers call office break rooms, “recharge rooms”.

Constantly working without stepping away can make a person feel like their battery is slowly draining.

A fun break room can easily boost productivity and energy levels. Also, playing a game or eating a healthy snack may prevent that sluggish afternoon funk.

Relax and recharging within the work environment often lowers stress levels. As stress is low, overall job satisfaction and general health rise.

Get Social and De-Stress

The point of having a cool break room is to make it a work-free zone. A place where employees can gather and socialize outside of work projects.

Building relationships is important for teamwork, which is necessary for success. Employers and employees alike can socialize briefly to catch up with co-workers.

If you’re a CEO or COO, knowing your employees can be extremely beneficial. Break areas are a great place to get to know who’s working for your company.

Free-flowing Creativity

Millennials may be new to the workplace but they’re not holding back. One thing about them is, they have no problem voicing opinions about where they want to work.

Generally, these young people have a decent education and a higher comfort benefit standard than most employees in the past. Times are changing, and creativity comes from the free flow of ideas.

A new hire may anticipate an open workplace and elements of comfort throughout the office. Also, employees are choosing companies because of the perks.

Millennials are all about the quality of life and aren’t afraid to change things up. Healthy snacks and relaxation areas are becoming more important to employees and employers.

Having a less traditional style office setting tells potential new hires the company cares about the employees. Also, top talent individuals can boost morale and growth within a company.

Healthy Habits

Creating a snack zone with healthy food to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although it might not seem like it, the foods eaten daily in the workplace affect the company.

Employing people with a healthy lifestyle may affect the cost of company insurance, the atmosphere, and boost morale.

Most importantly, encouraging wellness and health makes employees feel better. Also, instead of snacking on chips and cookies try an apple.

Having healthy snack choices in the break room may encourage others to create better-eating habits and live a healthier life. Additionally, employees that already make wise food choices may influence others to do the same.

Happy Workplace, Happy Employees, Happy Employer.

No one wants to walk into a lifeless workplace, every day. Also, work doesn’t need to be tense or fit a certain mold.

The less tension and stress in the workplace, the better. Creating space for employees to relax, tells them that their well-being and mental health is something to value.

Employees are likely to use a casual area for relaxing. Employers benefit from investing in comfortable, quality, and nice to look at furniture.

This should be a safe, work-free zone. A place to enjoy yourself and recharge before going back to work.

Healthy, happy employees work smarter and more efficiently. With great management, a fun breakroom space can help employees perform and do their best work.