Elite Insurance Partners is growing, and in May we moved into a new, modern office that gives us the space we need to help our clients navigate Medicare.  

Our new office is in Palm Harbor, a community along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida’s Tampa Bay region. 

As more and more people ask us to help them find a Medicare policy, we have been hiring more agents. We expect to hire another 20-40 of them in the coming months.  Check out our careers page for more information. 

Last month, we mentioned EIP was recently recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing businesses in the Tampa Bay area. But with more employees, our old office just wasn’t big enough. 

Our new office is 20,000 square feet—four times larger than our old space. But the move isn’t just about making more room. We designed our office to be a good place for our employees to work in.   

We believe that when our employees are happy, they’ll do their best for our clients. So our new office has some special touches, starting with the same red, white and blue color scheme in our logo. 

The new office has large, comfortable cubicles; updated furniture; special lighting; a huge training room for new employees; and some open spaces where employees can relax and recharge.  

Our new break room, with its fun blue and white checkerboard floor, is more than a quick stop for a cup of coffee. With a refreshment bar, a pantry full of snacks, and even a foosball table, it’s a place where everyone can eat and hang out together on their breaks.   

We are thrilled that our new space has been featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of the Coolest Office Spaces of the year.